Agenda (Day 2) 2017

Navigating a changing environment

20 January 2017

Congress Centre Kursaal, Interlaken, Switzerland.

Continental breakfast and networking

Breakfast kindly sponsored by LGT Bank Ltd

Chair’s opening remarks

Felicity Keller, Barrister-at-Law, TEP, Managing Director, J. Stern & Co (Switzerland) AG and Co-Chair, Swiss & Liechtenstein STEP Federation

Establishing family offices and businesses in the region

  • Choice of location - Why Switzerland is great (again) !
  • Types of possible legal structures and what to consider
  • Taxes to consider at the level of the family office (corporate income tax, equity tax, withholding tax, value added tax, stamp duties)
  • Taxes to consider at the level of the principal (income and wealth tax, gift and inheritance tax)
  • Offshore structure risks - the world has changed !
  • Examples of possible family office structures

Thomas Kaufmann, Tax Partner, Head of Taxation, BDO

Christopher Potter, Senior Counsel, Societe d'Etudes Techniques et Economiques SA 

Mark McMullen, Partner, CEO - Family Office, Stonehage Fleming Group

Trustees under the Swiss Financial Services Act (FSA) and Financial Institutions Act (FIA): What to expect as we are still expecting ?

  • Purpose of the FSA and FIA
  • Persons and entities subject to authorization
  • Authorization requirements
  • Client categorization, remuneration and rules of conduct
  • Supervision and timeline

Frederique Bensahel, LL.M., TEP, Partner, FBT Avocats, Geneva   



Networking and refreshments

Kindly sponsored by Froriep SA

Reform efforts in the field of Swiss Succession Law


  • Revision of the Swiss Inheritance Law - presentation of the major proposed changes and current status of process.
  • Impact of the proposals on business successions.
  • Impact of the proposals on estate planning via Foundations and Trusts.
  • Revision of the Swiss private international law provisions on inheritance law - Need for changes due to the EU Succession Regulation and the mobility in a globlized world.

Prof. Dominique Jakob, Dr. iur., LL.M., Ordinary Professor of Private Law and Director Center for Foundation Law, University of Zurich, Partner, Jakob Studen Partner, Zurich

Julien Perrin, Dr. iur., (Ph.D.), TEP, Attorney-at-Law, Partner, L.P.P.V. avocats

Kinga M Weiss, Dr. iur., LL.M., TEP, Certified Specialist SBA Inheritance Law, Partner, Co-Head Private Client Team, Walder Wyss Ltd


The right approach in assisting entrepreneurs and family businesses in their corporate finance matters

  • How and when to initiate a discussion ?
  • How to manage emotional aspects alongside market conditions ?
  • What are the key ingredients to reach a successful outcome ?

Stephane Oury, Head of Corporate Advisory, Mirabaud & Cie SA

Christophe Lapaque, Co-Head of Corporate Advisory, Mirabaud & Cie SA

Lunch and networking

Kindly sponsored by Lombard International Assurance SA

Chair's opening remarks

Andrew McCallum, Partner, Rawlinson & Hunter SA, Geneva

Update on Transparency: Work of the Global Forum and Tax Compliance in the post-BEPS environment

  • The Global Forum reviews and revised Beneficial Ownership Standard
  • Automatic exchange of information is becoming a reality in 2017 and in 2018
  • The Common Transmission System will soon be in place
  • The impact of BEPS on tax planning
  • The establishment of the Inclusive framework
  • The minimum standards and Action 12 on disclosure

 Pascal Saint-Amans, Director, Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, OECD

Six months after the Brexit vote

  • Impact on immigration, resident non-doms and properties
  • View from the Alps
  • Brussels' vision

Charles Gothard, Partner, Macfarlanes LLP, London

David Wallace Wilson, Partner, Schellenberg Wittmer Ltd

Andrew McCallum, Partyner, Rawlinson & Hunter SA (Modertor)

Update on Corporate Tax Reform III


  • The international context
  • General framework of the Swiss Reform of Enterprise Taxation III
  • Abolition of the special cantonal regimes
  • Introduction of specific tax measures
  • Financial compensatory measures
  • Reduction of the ordinary tax rate

Prof. Xavier Oberson, Professor at University of Geneva, Partner, Oberson Abels

Networking and refreshments

Kindly sponsored Döhle Corporate and Trust Services Ltd

Automatic Exchange of Information - meaningful data or data graveyards ?

  • Which information is subject to exchange of information ?
  • Typical reporting cases under the AEI
  • What are tax authorities likely to do with the data they receive ?
  • Will the AEI be an end game of transparency ?

Hans-Joachim Jaeger, Partner, EY

The Great Debate

Juerg Birri, Partner/Head of Legal and Regulatory Competence Center, Global Head of Legal, KPMG

MMag. Bernhard Canete, Deputy Head of International Division, Fiscal Authority of the Principality of Liechtenstein

Pascal Saint-Amans, Director, Centre for Tax Policy and Administration, OECD

Hans-Joachim Jaeger, Partner, EY (Moderator)


Conclusion and closing remarks